Zimbabwe to ease lockdown measures

In a measure to save the struggling economy that because of the coronavirus lockdown has come to the brink of collapse, Zimbabwe has decided to ease the three-week lockdown.

It will allow citizens to access transfers from the diaspora as many citizens in the country rely on money from relatives in the diaspora. It will also permit farmers to take their produce to the market from April 7.

John Mangudya, Governor of the Central Bank said, “to allow for the receipt of foreign currency remittances which cannot be transacted on any digital platform”, money transfer agencies would be allowed to open three times a week from April 7 but banks will remain closed for any other transactions.

Farmers will be allowed to transport their products to the market because there has been a shortage of supplies on one hand, while on the other, products are rotting in the farms. It will aid the country to adopt a balanced approach towards curbing the spread of COVID-19 as well as saving the falling economy.

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