Yoshihide Suga earns the backing of the largest faction of the ruling party to succeed former PM Shinzo Abe

In the wake of resignation of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on August 28, the race for succession has been on in the country. Shinzo Abe stepped down for health reasons.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga, has won the backing of the largest faction of the ruling party to become its leader, thus strengthening his stand to become the next Prime Minister of Japan. Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP’s) leader will certainly be afront in the race to become the new PM because of its majority in the Lower House of Parliament.

Japan’s top government spokesman and a long-time lieutenant of outgoing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Suga is widely expected to stay the policy course set out by Abe, including the top government spokesman “Abenomics” strategy aimed at reviving the economy and keeping it afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The formal announcement of Suga to lead the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has not been made yet, but will be announced in a day or two.

Photo Credit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshihide_Suga#/media/File:Yoshihide_Suga_cropped_1_Joint_Press_Announcement_of_the_Okinawa_Consolidation_Plan.jpg

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