WTO favours Moscow against EU’s anti-dumping duties imposed on imports from Russia

A World Trade Organization panel on July 24, handed over Russia, a partial victory in connection with a case filed against the European Union (EU) over imposition of anti-dumping duties on imports from Russia. The ruling relates to a case first brought by Russia in May 2015 when it urged consultations with Brussels over its calculation methodology.

Dumping refers to when an exporting country sells its products or services into the importing country at prices less than what is charged at home.

The panel, in its nearly 200 page report, found that the “cost adjustment methodology” used by Brussels to calculate dumping margins was inconsistent with the rules of the international trade, citing which it urged the bloc to bring its practices in line.

However, the WTO panel, in handing over partial victory to Russia, rejected its claim that the EU’s framework anti-dumping regulation itself was inconsistent with the Anti-Dumping Agreement.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:World_Trade_Organization_(logo_and_wordmark).svg

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