Would deliver a “decisive response” to any Israeli move against us, says Iran

Soon after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he would not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, Iran responded on January 5 by saying that it would deliver a “decisive response” to any Israeli move against it.

“The move was aimed at developing nuclear weapons and Israel would never allow Tehran to build them,” the Israeli Prime Minister said, an allegation which Iran has denied.

It must be noted that Iran on January 4 said to have resumed 20 per cent uranium enrichment at a nuclear facility. The move has raised tensions with the United States in the last days of President Donald Trump’s term and also with the rest of the world. The move also comes as the latest of several Iranian breaches of a nuclear accord signed in 2015 with major world powers.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Netanyahu_-_January_2018.IIIb.jpg