World Health Organization suspends operation in Houthi-held Yemen

The World Health Organization has suspended its operations in the main Houthi-held areas of Yemen.

The main Houthi-held areas of Yemen include the Yemeni capital of Sanaa and Hodeidah, the nation’s main port on the Red Sea.

The World Health Organization has taken the strict measure to pressurise the rebel group to be more open about suspected coronavirus cases in the country.

The Yemeni government has been updating about the recent COVID-19 cases in the areas controlled by it, but the same has not been done by rebel forces controlling several parts of Yemen.

The WHO has raised suspicion about the withholding of information related to the COVID-19 toll in areas under control of the Houthis, including the capital and other big cities. 

The Houthis has denied on the allegation of withholding information about the coronavirus toll.

The WHO says it is treating Yemen as if there is a full-blown COVID-19 outbreak and worries that there are “credible threats and perceived risks” for its staff which has paved way for its withdrawal from Yemen.

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