World Food Program warns of food shortages for refugees in Kenya reaching critical level

The World Food Program (WFP) has warned of a situation where more than 435,000 refugees in Kenya are facing imminent food shortages unless new funds are swiftly received. According to a statement by the WFP, WFP needs US$57 million to continue providing food and nutrition assistance to the country’s refugee population between January and June 2021. Without new funds, WFP will need to completely halt all cash transfers starting in January and by March, will have fully depleted its food stocks. Most refugee families rely solely on WFP food to survive. 

“WFP is facing a critical shortage of funds to finance food assistance to refugees living in the Dadaab and Kakuma camps and in Kalobeyei settlement,” said WFP Kenya Country Director Lauren Landis referring to the country’s three main refugee sites. “We have exhausted all resources and are frankly faced with a life-threatening crisis.” 

The funding shortfall has already forced WFP to cut full food rations by more than one-third as of last September, compromising refugees’ health and nutrition. 

“We are appealing to our donors to quickly provide new resources to allow us to carry on providing food and cash to the refugees. A disruption of this magnitude to the life-saving refugee operation would be catastrophic,” Landis said. 

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