Will not bow to pressure from China: Australian PM

Soon after China released a laundry list of complaints about Australia, Minister Scott Morrison insisted on November 19 that Australia will not bow to pressure from Beijing.

Highlighting the increasingly fractious relationship between the two sides, a Chinese official gave a dossier to Australian media containing 14 grievances and reportedly told three prominent outlets on November 18, “If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy.”

Rebuffing Chinese grievances, Morrison said that the unofficial document came from the Chinese Embassy and would not stop Australia from “setting our own laws and our own rules according to our national interest”.

“We won’t be compromising on the fact that we will set what our foreign investment laws are or how we build our 5G telecommunications networks or how we run our systems of protecting against interference Australia’s way we run our country,” he further added.

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Scott_Morrison_2014.jpg