Wild blaze kills Nineteen people in China

A fire started on a farm on the afternoon of March 30 in the Sichuan province of China that is a thinly populated region, quickly spread to nearby mountains due to strong winds causing the death of nineteen people by far in the southwestern China.

The Chinese officials said that as a preventive measure hundreds of reinforcements were sent to fight the fire, evacuate nearby residents and protect key industrial infrastructure. More than 300 professional firefighters and another 700 militiamen were sent to help fight the wildfire.

The officials added, another 885 firefighters from other cities in Sichuan were being deployed to Xichang, along with 142 fire engines, six remote water supply systems and extensive firefighting equipment. Monitoring is taking place through drones.

Of the dead, one was a guide and the rest were firefighters. Villages, a school, a chemical plant and other places were described to be under threat by the officials.

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