WHO welcomes the latest vaccine boost, urges for patience and cooperation

Post the revelation on July 20, about two COVID-19 vaccines, by the Oxford University’s General Institute and the Oxford Vaccine Group, to have proven safe for humans and have produced strong immune reactions among patients involved in two separate clinical trials, the World Health Organization’s Spokeswoman, Margaret Harris has welcomed the move.

Margaret Harris has urged for patience and cooperation as experts seek to “achieve the scientific impossible” by creating a COVID-19 vaccine in record time.

Margaret Harris said, “You’ve got to scale up manufacturing and work out how you’re going to get the vaccine into the arms of people. That takes months or even longer.”

Urging different trials to work together, she said, “We encourage as much openness as possible. In the world we’re in now, with great scientists, there is really no need for fear and hiding and secrecy.”

She added, “It’s not only about looking at how we accelerate this research and keep on sharing what we’re learning, but also how we can distribute this fairly and who we prioritize to make sure the most at-risk groups will get it first.”

Supporting Margaret Harris statements, Mike Ryan, the WHO’s Emergencies Program Executive Director said, “We do welcome the study and congratulate our colleagues at the Oxford University’s General Institute and the Oxford Vaccine Group. And obviously our colleagues at AstraZeneca for getting this data out there.”

He added, “But, there is a long way to go. These are phase one studies. We now need to move into larger scale, real-world trials. But it is good to see more data and more products moving into this very important phase of vaccine discovery. And we congratulate our colleagues for the progress they have made.”

Photo Credit : https://pixabay.com/illustrations/who-world-health-organization-4984801/

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