WHO urges for Global Governance against Pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) held a Pan-European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development, which urged for global governance and recommended the creation of a Global Health Board “under the auspices of the G20.”

The Commission made the comments at a press conference held on Friday at the WHO Regional Office in Copenhagen.

Covid-19, according to WHO, revealed how some governance frameworks failed to safeguard society from the pandemic’s worst effects, with some countries resorting to political rather than scientific remedies.

Mario Monti, the Commission’s Chair, recommended the G20 to establish a Global Health and Finance Board, recognizing that health is a global public good, to strengthen the position of health policy in overall policy-making by nations and international organizations.

The Commission also urged for regional governance groups such as the Pan-European Network for Disease Control and the Pan-European Health Threats Council to promote data-sharing and data-interoperability platforms across the huge Region.

Other recommendations include a demand for more investment and innovation in Europe’s health systems, which “proved flawed and not fit for the purpose” during the pandemic, as well as a call for countries in the region to tackle inequality and therefore “decrease polarization in society”.

The Commission stated that Covid-19 proved that single-country solutions are inadequate to combat the spread of communicable diseases in today’s hyper-connected, globalized world and that such crises can only be effectively addressed through coordinated international action.

PC: https://www.europeanpharmaceuticalreview.com/news/118549/who-launches-access-to-covid-19-tools-accelerator/