WHO Regional Chief expresses concern at the rising cases of COVID-19 in Europe

Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, the regional head of the UN World Health Organization in Europe, has expressed concerns at the rising cases of COVID-19 in Europe.  

Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge said the tightening up of restrictions by governments is “absolutely necessary” as the disease continues to surge, with “exponential increases” in cases and deaths.  

“The evolving epidemiological situation in Europe raises great concern: daily numbers of cases are up, hospital admissions are up, COVID-19 is now the fifth leading cause of death and the bar of 1,000 deaths per day has now been reached,” he reported. He said that “ the pandemic of today is not the pandemic of yesterday, not only in terms of its transmission dynamic but in the ways we are now equipped to face it. Similarly, what we called “lockdown” 6 months ago is not what we would call it today. 

In March, lockdown was a shutdown, where every corner of our society and economy was halted – no running businesses, no outings, no schools, no movement, and all borders closed. In March, lockdown was the default option because we were caught off guard. 

Today, lockdown means a very different thing. It means a stepwise escalation of proportionate, targeted and time-limited measures. Measures in which all of us are engaged both as individuals and as a society together in order to minimize collateral damage to our health, our economy and our society.” 

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