WHO makes worldwide appeal for $76 million in aid to Lebanon

A week after massive explosions in Beirut sent shockwaves to the city and devastated the port and destroyed hospitals, clinics and stores of medical supplies, the World Health Organisation is making a worldwide appeal for $76 million as help to Lebanon.

Announcing the same, WHO regional program director Rana Hajjeh said, “In particular, we are concerned about the return of COVID-19 in Lebanon. We have launched an appeal for $76 million and ask the international community to support the Lebanese people and show solidarity with them in every way possible.”

The explosions led three hospitals completely out of commission while they left three others only partially open, said the world health body, adding that it cut the number of hospitals by as many as 600 and half of Beirut’s 55 primary health care clinics cannot operate.

Photo Credit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Damages_after_2020_Beirut_explosions_1.jpg

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