WHO issues precautionary guidelines for the upcoming Eid al Adha festival

With an intention to ensure the safety of people across the globe in the midst of COVID-19 who will be celebrating the festival of Eid al Adha in the coming days, the World Health Organisation have issued certain precautionary guidelines.

The festival of Eid al Adha unites not only about 1.8 billion Muslim population around the world but also people of other faiths who participate in the universal spirit of sacrifice and charity that is at the centre of the otherwise religious festival.

In order to ensure the safety of everyone, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued special guidelines for those celebrating this festival from July 30 to August 3. The dates of Eid al Adha vary across the globe pertaining to the difference in time of sighting the moon.

The WHO released the guidelines titled “Safe Eid al Adha practices in the context of COVID-19” on July 25. The guidelines have been issued as “public health advice for social and religious practices and gatherings during Eid al Adha that can be applied across different national contexts.”

The WHO stresses that “cancelling social and religious gatherings should be seriously considered,” adding that “any decision to restrict, modify, postpone, cancel, or proceed with holding a mass gathering should be based on a standardized risk assessment exercise, taking into account current epidemiological trends, capacities, and resources.”

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