WHO/Europe Establishes New Economics Expert Group to Promote Health Equality

WHO/Europe, in collaboration with the WHO European Office for Investment in Health and Development in Venice, Italy, has established the New Economics Expert Group (NEEG), which is made up of representatives and researchers from 14 institutions. The group will seek to make the WHO resolution on accelerating progress toward healthy, prosperous lifestyles for all in the WHO European Region’s Economy of Well-Being Initiative (EWBi) easier to execute. 

By quantifying the benefits and costs of public goods such as food, fuel, housing, safety, decent livelihoods, and publicly supported primary care, the NEEG will assist countries and partners in putting people and their well-being at the center of fiscal and economic policy and decision-making. 

The Initiative will culminate in the formation of the EWBi Alliance, a coalition of countries and partners that will advocate for and drive forward the transition from market-driven norms and policies to an economy of well-being, allowing us all to live healthy lives, achieve our full potential, and exercise our fundamental rights. 

Increasing investments in public goods contribute to the development of stronger, more resilient, and inclusive systems that benefit everyone. New economic thinking is required to overcome social and economic injustices by going beyond standard measures and integrating other indicators of well-being such as mental health, trust, and social cohesion. 

NEEG will quantify these benefits and costs, as well as provide scientific tools to the EWBi Alliance to help guide future decisions. 

Photo Credit : https://peaceforasia.org/the-covid-19-outbreak-in-india-and-the-global-community-response-a-ray-of-hope-or-walking-towards-the-abyss/