WHO Europe Chief warns nations against reducing COVID quarantine

Dr Hans Kluge, the World Health Organisation (WHO’s) European Director has warned the national governments in Europe not to reduce the quarantine period for those potentially exposes to the Coronavirus.  

Dr. Hans Kluge said that “even a slight reduction in the length of the quarantine” could have a significant effect on the spread of the virus which returned to “alarming rates of transmission” in Europe this month. 

Dr. Kluge stated that people between 25 and 49 years old were the ones that were most likely to become infected with the illness in recent weeks, but added that there has been an increase in elderly people becoming infected, who tend to be most at risk of a serious or lethal bout of COVID-19. 

WHO Europe’s 53-country region recorded more than 300,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the last week, and more than half of the countries reported a rise of more than 10% in cases over the last two weeks, he said. Of those countries, seven had their cases jump by more than two-fold. 

Such statistics should be “a wake-up call for all of us,” Kluge said. 

He called for “regional coherence” and said that Europe’s response has been effective when “prompt and resolute. But the virus has shown (to be) merciless whenever partisanship and disinformation prevailed. 

Photo Credit : https://www.euro.who.int/en/about-us/executive-council/dr-hans-henri-p.-kluge

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