West African nations faces worst hunger crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has already complicated the food shortage crisis of the West Africa nations and is estimated to augment further. Per the statistics provided by the United Nations, more than 19 million people in the assessed 17 West African countries will go hungry during the upcoming lean season between June and September, when food stocks are depleted.

Per the UN, the estimation shows it to be a 77 percent increase over last year’s number that is being complicated further by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger in the Central Sahel region are at high risk. The U.N. World Food Program is urgently appealing for $208 million to provide 3 million people in the Central Sahel with lifesaving aid over the next six months.

Eric Branckaert, the World Food Program Senior Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping Adviser said, “With increased insecurity incidents over the years and it is continuing to escalate this year. This results in serious movement of population and internally displaced persons … on top of that, we obviously have the COVID-19 coming our way”.

He added that the food assessment analysis does not include the potential impact of COVID-19 on the region’s food security.  

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