Wearing masks compulsory, says Douala’s Mayor, Roger Mbassa Ndine

Cameroon has made it mandatory to wear masks so as to stem the spread of COVID-19. The announcement was made by the Mayor of the coastal city of Douala, Roger Mbassa Ndine on April 6.

The decision was taken as a measure to restrict people movement without precautionary steps being taken as on April 6, crews began fanning out across the city to pass out washable masks, in a new awareness campaign. People are defying social distancing norms in Cameroon and it became imperative for government officials to take strict measures.

A state of health emergency has already been declared by President Sassou-Nguesso which involves the imposition of a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am for all expect people involved in front line services.

Nemache Celestin, a Douala teacher, welcomes the Mayor’s decision to make wearing a mask compulsory, saying “Cameroon and Africa do not have enough resources to deal with this pandemic”.  She added “everyone must do everything to protect us from the pandemic”.

The police have also arrested people defying the social distancing measures.

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