Volcanic eruption in Indonesia, no casualties reported

The nature is on the surge as despite the globe suffering enough because of the coronavirus outbreak and the World Health Organisation declaring it as the pandemic, several natural disasters have been further complicating the situation.

The Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupted on March 27 sending ash some five kilometres into the air. Mount Merapi is Indonesia’s most active volcano. No causalities have been reported by far.

Mount Merapi erupted the second time in this month, the first, on March 3. The previous eruption sent an ash cloud some six kilometres high, covering the city of Yogyakarta that is 30 kilometres away from the volcano. It also resulted in the closure of the airport.

The officials warned the citizens to avoid approaching within three kilometres of the volcano.

The observatory reports of Indonesia stated that the eruption lasted about seven minutes and produced pyroclastic flows-a mixture of hot gas, lava and other volcanic material-that traversed up to two kilometres from its crater. It further added that the ash from the eruption fell up to 20 kilometres away.

An eruption in 2010 of Mount Merapi killed more than 300 people and forced the evacuation of 280,000 residents.

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