Venezuela rejects the ICJ judgement on Venezuela Guyana border

Venezuela has categorically rejected the judgement given by the International Court of Justice on the border controversy between Guyana and Venezuela. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that it has jurisdiction to hear the Guyana/Venezuela controversy case. 

Venezuela wants to have direct negotiations with Guyana in a bid to bring a resolution to the matter. 

A statement from the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that by deciding it possesses jurisdiction over the validity of the 1899 arbitration award, the ICJ “commits an incomprehensible and unusual error.” 

“With its decision, the Court not only violates its own doctrine established and sustained for decades, but also its extensive jurisprudence. Consequently, Venezuela rejects the decision of the ICJ, in perfect accordance with the arguments that it opportunely offered – from its sovereign position of not appearing – to assist with it in its duty to issue a pronouncement where the law, the principles of Law and customary law required him to declare his obvious lack of jurisdiction,” the statement said. 

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