Vampire rumours lead to mob attack in Malawi

Rumours spread like forest-fire and have similar devastating effects sometimes. A group of researchers from the National Statistical Office, accused of being vampires as they were collecting blood samples of participants as a part of their survey, were attacked by a mob in the northern district of Nkhata-Bay.

The police used tear gas to disperse the mob which attacked the researchers. The officials added, five people were killed in attacks in three separate areas last month and the Malawian officials are taking steps to stop a new wave of mob attacks on people accused of being vampires.

Back in 2017 in southern Malawi, nine people were killed in similar attacks involving rumour spreading about vampires.

Officials added that the rumours of vampires sucking people’s blood started in early February and have spread to six districts in central and northern Malawi. They trace the rumours to have started from Zambia.

The police are tracking those involved in spreading these rumours.

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