US State Department announces economic sanctions on former Gambian First Lady

Saying that the wife of former Gambia President Yahya Jammeh, is believed to control many of the overseas assets of her husband who was referred to as “notoriously corrupt”, the United States Department of State on September 15 announced economic sanctions on former Gambian first lady.

The Department said, “Zineb Jammeh is designated for her role in materially assisting, sponsoring, or providing support to her husband. She utilized a charitable foundation and charities as cover to facilitate the illicit transfer of funds to her husband.”

Adding further, it said, “The United States uses economic sanctions to promote accountability for those who assist or facilitate the corruption carried out by those like Yahya Jammeh, who abuse their positions of power for their own personal gain.”

It must be noted that Jammeh, due to his involvement in significant corruption, was designated by the United States and along with him Zineb and their children, Mariam Jammeh, and Muhammad Yahya Jammeh were also designated.

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