US President extends invitation to Indian Prime Minister to attend G-7 Summit via telephonic conversation

Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump had a telephone conversation on June 2.

President Donald Trump spoke to the Indian Prime Minister about the US Presidency of the Group of Seven, and conveyed his desire to expand the ambit of the grouping beyond the existing membership. He conveyed his desire of expansion to include other important countries including India.

In the same context, President Donald Trump has extended an invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the next G-7 Summit to be held in the USA.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated President Donald Trump for his creative and far-sighted approach. PM Modi acknowledged the fact that such an expanded forum would be in keeping with the emerging realities of the post-COVID world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi accepted the invitation and said that India would be happy to work with the US and other countries to ensure the success of the proposed G7 Summit.

Both the leaders discussed the COVID-19 situation in the two countries and President Trump warmly recalled his visit to India in February this year which PM Modi said had been memorable and historic on many accounts.

The cordial bond shared by both esteem leaders has been reflected in the strengthened Indo-US ties in recent years.

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