US ‘on the move again’: Biden

In his first address to Congress.US President Joe Biden has said that America is on the move again. Turning peril into possibility. Crisis into opportunity. Setback into strength 

“After 100 Days of rescue and renewal, America is ready for takeoff. We are working again. Dreaming again. Discovering again. Leading the world again. We have shown each other and the world: There is no quit in America.”. 

Regarding COVID-19, he said: “ After I promised 100 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in 100 days – we will have provided over 220 million COVID shots in 100 days. We’re marshalling every federal resource. We’ve gotten the vaccine to nearly 40,000 pharmacies and over 700 community health centers. We’re setting up community vaccination sites, and are deploying mobile units into hard-to-reach areas. 

Today, 90% of Americans now live within 5 miles of a vaccination site. Everyone over the age of 16, everyone – is now eligible and can get vaccinated right away. So get vaccinated now.” 

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