US Department of Defense announces to lower the US troops in Afghanistan to nearly 5,000

The United States is committed towards ending the Afghan conflict and pulling out the US troops from the war-torn nation. The Pentagon has said that the US is further looking to withdraw its military from Afghanistan to potentially fewer than 5,000 troops as inter-Afghan peace talks progress.

In an official statement, the US Department of Defense said, “Over the next four months, the United States will continue to drawdown its force levels in Afghanistan based on conditions in-country.”

The statement added, “Our current trajectory expects to see the number of US service members in Afghanistan be below 5,000 by the end of November.”

The US Department of Defense iterated, “As always, such drawdowns remain conditions-based and are implemented after consultation with Congress and in direct coordination with our NATO Allies and partners.”

Confirming about the same, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said, “We are going down to a number less than 5,000 before the end of November.” He added that the Pentagon would first have to ensure that the US “is not threatened by terrorists coming out of Afghanistan.”

Under the Doha Agreement signed between the US and the Taliban on February 29, the US currently deploys 8,600 soldiers in Afghanistan. Under the agreement, all foreign troops must leave Afghanistan by the spring of 2021, in exchange for security commitments from the militants.

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