US Coalition on Sustainability joins forces with Thoughtworks to help UN achieve its Sustainable Development Goals

SustainChain™, a digital platform to unify and accelerate progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, has been expanded by Thoughtworks, a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design, and engineering, and the US Coalition on Sustainability (USCS). 

SustainChain was created by USCS to bring together innovators, impact investors, enterprises, NGOs, and alliances that are all working to construct sustainable supply chains. Thoughtworks contributed cutting-edge technology and best practices to the SustainChain platform, allowing it to bring together cross-industry efforts, knowledge, and actionable insights from the public and private sectors into a single ecosystem. 

A new machine learning engine was added to dynamically surface scalable solutions, products, and partnerships for members based on their selected sustainability challenges and SDG priorities, in order to accelerate what the SustainChain community can achieve in a unified way that cuts across industry silos. The purpose is to encourage community members working on comparable initiatives to connect and collaborate, as well as to highlight potential to streamline and scale-up activities more quickly, discover missing pieces, and obtain additional financing and support. 

Since its inception, SustainChain has attracted over 1,000 users from a variety of industries, spanning from consumer goods and services to infrastructure and alternative energy. Closed Loop Partners, Danone, EON, Green America, The Heart Fund, Paper Water Bottle, Six Senses, and The Stimson Center’s Alliance for a Climate Resilient Earth are among the group’s members.  

In addition, in the areas of vaccine equity, ocean energy, plastic waste, circularity in the textile industry, resilient infrastructure, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, and regenerative agriculture, the community has quickly generated actionable opportunities for accelerating progress on the SDGs. 

Additionally, USCS introduced CitizenChainTCitizenChain™, a new platform that allows people to offer their voice to support the brands and organizations in the SustainChain community on the sustainability issues that matter to them. CitizenChain is a first in that it allows students, activists, and concerned individuals to call on brands and local government leaders to take greater responsibility and action in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.