UNWTO and the Council of Europe Collaborating to Promote Cultural Routes

The UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the Council of Europe are collaborating to create European Cultural Routes. 

They’ll look into the potential for cultural routes to contribute to long-term tourism growth and cultural heritage. 

The partnership will also emphasize the routes’ potential to promote social, economic, and cultural development. 

By developing cultural and historical linkages, will benefit both Europe and its partner countries. 

The two organisations will first collaborate in the field of creative tourism, showcasing best practices in honour of the International Year of the Creative Economy, which will be held in 2021. 

UNWTO and the Council of Europe will collaborate on research, training, and policymaking as part of the relationship. 

The mapping of Cultural Routes and fostering greater accessibility for those with disabilities will receive special emphasis. 

Tourism has the capacity to support jobs and create other development possibilities for communities all along the Cultural Routes. It’s also an opportunity to preserve and promote cultural history, as well as to recognize and honor creativity. 

In addition to being an efficient instrument for developing intercultural conversation, the Cultural Routes programme plays a vital role in promoting Europe’s rich cultural history. 

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