United Nations: Number of global hungry could double amidst coronavirus pandemic

To add to the suffering of the people across the globe who have been facing the heat of the coronavirus pandemic, food shortage has posited a new challenge as witnessed by the United Nations.

The United Nations has stated that the coronavirus pandemic could almost double the number of people around the world suffering from acute hunger.

With the nations across the globe practicing lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the income of the lower-income group people depending on daily wages have been greatly hampered, thus augmenting their vulnerabilities.

The corona virus could be catastrophic for millions of people whose lives are already hanging by a thread that is who can only eat if they are earning a wage, said the UN’s World Food Programme.

A United Nations report has stated that said the total number suffering from hunger could be pushed from 135 million last year to more than 250 million.

It added that of them most are in ten countries affected by conflict, economic crisis and climate change. They include Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, the DR Congo, Venezuela, Haiti and Afghanistan.

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