UNEP: Coral Bleaching happening at a faster rate than anticipated

According to a new report United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), coral bleaching is taking place at an alarming rate. Worldwide mass bleaching events, like the one that began in 2014, could become the norm in the coming decades. The report’s updated climate models demonstrate that coral bleaching is happening faster than anticipated and the future health of the world’s reefs is inextricably tied to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Time is of the essence for marine species, human livelihoods and the still unknown treasures in our vastly unexplored oceans, the report said. 

“In the face of inaction, coral reefs will soon disappear,” Leticia Carvalho, head of UNEP’s Marine and Freshwater Branch said..  

“Humanity must act with evidence-based urgency, ambition and innovation to change the trajectory for this ecosystem, which is the canary in the coalmine for climate’s impact on oceans, before it’s too late.”  

Photo Credit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Keppelbleaching.jpg