UNDP Vows to Assist Pakistan’s Government in its National Climate Response

The United Nations Development Programme supported logistically under its Glacial Lake Outburst Flood-II (GLOF) project only five official delegates who had received prior approval from the Pakistani government to represent the country at the global climate conference held in Glasgow, United Kingdom, early last month. 

The UNDP’s GLOF II project assisted 05 delegates with the logistical expenses of attending the two-week 26th session of the UN-led Conference of Parties (CoP 26) in Glasgow, United Kingdom. These five people were on the government of Pakistan’s approved list of participants. The funds for the participants came from the GLOF-II project’s Annual Workplan 2021, which contains budget lines set up for the activity. 

UNDP’s assistance to Pakistan’s government includes, among other things, components that enable participation in international fora like the CoP 26, which provides opportunities for learning, advancing collaboration, and securing technical and financial support for the country’s climate change management. UNDP would like to clarify that the monies from the GLOF II project were already set aside for the 05 participants. 

Pakistan is still one of the top ten countries most affected by climate change; development partners help partner organizations learn from one another, which includes reporting on commitments made under international conventions. It’s also worth noting that Pakistan is a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which hosts an annual Conference of Parties. 

UNDP Resident Representative Knut Ostby has praised Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Clean Green Pakistan vision, as well as his government’s green and climate-resilient development agenda and concrete steps being taken to cope with the adverse impacts of climate change on various socioeconomic sectors, lives, and livelihoods of the people. 

The UNDP’s country representative praised the incumbent governments’ ongoing clean and green programs and projects, such as the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami, Recharge Pakistan, Glacial Lake Outburst Flood project, and Electric Vehicle initiative, among others, saying that the Imran Khan-led government’s unprecedented efforts would help boost the country’s climate resilience and achieve sustainable development. 

PC: https://pixabay.com/photos/nature-water-pakistan-outdoor-sea-4329850/