UN Urges Everyone to Play their Part to Prevent Climate Crisis

Youba Sokona, the vice-chair of the UN panel that released a “code red” climate change assessment this week, stated that everyone “has a role to play” in the problem.

The report, which was released yesterday, is intended to act as a wake-up call to humanity, urging developing countries, particularly those in Africa, to invest in climate-friendly infrastructure.

Sokona, who is also a special advisor for sustainable development at the South Centre think tank, told Euronews that everyone must contribute to environmental protection.

He claims that this is evident in the lowering of greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries. It is much more about greenhouse gas avoidance and having a low-carbon, climate-resilient development model in African countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

To be climate-resilient and low-carbon, he stressed, the energy and agriculture sectors must be developed “differently from what we have known thus far.”

Many countries will find it difficult to adapt to changing climates, and many African countries are particularly vulnerable.

Despite emitting fewer greenhouse gases, the continent remains one of the most vulnerable to climate extremes.

Photo Credit: https://zeroproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/unhq-1030×686.jpg