UN Urged the World to Close Development Gaps to Avoid Conflicts

Senior UN officials stated at a Security Council meeting on Tuesday that preventing wars required narrowing development gaps, eliminating inequality, and providing hope to people all across the world. 

These issues are caused by a lack of access to fundamental services and necessities like food, water, and health care, as well as security, legal, and governance system flaws. Conflicts can also be generated by a lack of public trust, both in institutions and within themselves, these voids are potential flashpoints for violence and conflict. 

The answer entails not only reducing tensions via communication, but also ensuring that no woman is compelled to skip meals in order to feed her children. Closing development gaps and instilling optimism in individuals can aid in the stabilization of societies and the reduction of inequities that fuel conflict. 

The UN chief highlighted that the United Nations has given a venue for discourse as well as instruments and methods for peaceful dispute resolution for 76 years. 

These efforts have included a review of all UN peacekeeping tools, better integration of preventive and risk management, as well as increased innovation and foresight. 

In addition, the UN’s growing relationships with regional and subregional organizations, such as the African Union, give in-depth expertise of local dynamics. 

The United Nations has learned more about the link between socioeconomic conditions and violence over the decades. The Covid-19 pandemic, which increased socioeconomic problems and inequality, the climate issue, which threatened displacement, and inefficient institutions, which left people without hope, as among the most crucial coming concerns of the twenty-first century. 

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