UN Under-Secretary-General DiCarlo stresses the importance of UN Cooperation with League of Arab States

United Nations Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo has stressed the importance of  “Cooperation between the Security Council and the League of Arab States.”, The Under-Secretary remarked: “ he close cooperation between the United Nations, including our Special Envoys and Representatives, and the League has been crucial in augmenting our efforts to address various situations in the Arab world. 

On Libya, the League has actively supported the efforts of the United Nations to broker the 23 October ceasefire and a return to the political process. An active member of the International Follow-up Committee to the Berlin Conference on Libya, the League co-chairs its political working group (together with Algeria and Germany).  The League has also been an active member of the Quartet on Libya, along with the UN, the African Union and the European Union.  

In relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the UN and the League work to uphold the broad regional and international consensus on the two-State solution, promote intra-Palestinian reconciliation and focus on preventive diplomacy to avoid escalation of tensions.  We welcome the increased engagement of the League and its members, including through an expanded Middle East Quartet and the so-called Amman format. 

The two-State solution that realizes the legitimate national aspirations of Palestinians and Israelis, in line with UN resolutions is the only way to lead to sustainable peace between the two peoples. 

The financial situation of UNRWA remains a serious concern. Sufficient funding is essential for UNRWA to continue delivering its vital services to millions of Palestine refugees in the region and playing its critical stabilizing role. 

Our two organizations are also active in the Friends of Sudan format, which supports Sudan’s transition to democratic governance.  We are grateful for the League’s generous pledge of support at the Sudan Partnership Conference, hosted by Germany last June. 

Since the outbreak of the conflict in Syria, successive UN envoys have worked closely with the League in the search for a political solution.  We are grateful for the League’s support to Special Envoy Pedersen’s efforts to facilitate the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee and to broaden the political process to all aspects of Security Council Resolution 2254. 

On Yemen, the support of key Member States of the UN and the League is crucial to not only achieve progress on the political track but also to support the world’s largest aid operation and urgently address the growing risk of famine before it is too late. 

Despite our efforts, heightened tensions in the Persian Gulf region persist.  The Secretary-General continues to call for restraint by all sides and stresses the need to avoid acts of or rhetoric that may escalate tensions.  We urge all concerned, in the region and beyond, to opt for dialogue to address their respective security concerns.  The United Nations stands ready to support such measures”. 

The Under-Secretary also welcomed the decisions made at the recent Gulf Cooperation Council Summit and the reconciliation achieved among Gulf countries. 

Photo Credit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosemary_DiCarlo#/media/File:Rosemary_DiCarlo_official_portrait_(cropped).jpg