UN to Help Malta Accelerate Progress toward Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

A group of specialists made up of technical officials from multiple ministries is being formed to identify data gaps and help the country achieve its sustainable development goals (SDGs).

To improve the quality of life and secure the well-being of future generations, UN member states have pledged to achieve these 17 goals by 2030.

While Malta remains at the top of the global goals ranking, it has dropped five positions, particularly in the area of good governance.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Sustainable Development emphasized that the Sustainable Development Goals were an important part of the ministry’s work. The government was in the process of forming an expert committee to monitor the data used to determine the targets.

The National Expert Group on Sustainable Development Indicators, which will be formed with the assistance of the National Statistics Office, will be in charge of identifying new relevant indicators for the country.

Not all UN indicators, such as extreme poverty and rivers, were applicable in the Maltese setting, and appropriate indicators were required for progress monitoring. To make progress, each sustainable development target will be broken down further to establish indicators for monitoring progress in each of the several sectors that are more appropriate to the Maltese context. This would result in more synergy between all relevant ministries and entities, as well as an additional investment where it is most needed.

The country had previously demonstrated its commitment to achieving the 2030 targets. With a current score of 75.7, the country has met SDG 1 (no poverty), SDG 4 (quality education), and SDG 7 (affordable and sustainable energy), as well as making progress on a number of other targets.

Photo Credit: https://www.enezgreen.com/en/malta-on-the-path-to-sustainable-development/