UN summons special meeting on regional efforts to support peace in Afghanistan

The United Nations convened a virtual meeting on regional efforts to support peace in Afghanistan on April 16 that saw the participation of nine nations including China, Pakistan, Russia and the US.

The discussion was summoned by the UN Secretariat. Stephane Dujarric, Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General said that the discussion focused on a “comprehensive peace process in Afghanistan through intra-Afghan negotiations and on the importance of regional cooperation in support to Afghanistan”.

Stephane Dujarric added, “The UN Secretariat convened a discussion with Member States on regional efforts to support peace in Afghanistan. Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the United States and Uzbekistan all participated in this meeting, which was held virtually”.

He confirmed that all the nine participants at the meeting expressed solidarity with Afghanistan in its quest for peace, security and prosperity. The participants also echoed the call for a comprehensive ceasefire by Secretary General Antonio Guterres, especially in the wake of the urgent need to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Stephane Dujarric further stated, “The United Nations stands ready to deliver lifesaving assistance to people in need and is committed to the peaceful development of Afghanistan”. 

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