UN Secretary-General lays out ”Roadmap for Inclusion” to Address the Core Causes of Conflict

During a Security Council debate on Tuesday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres stressed that diversity should be seen as a tremendous benefit rather than a threat, especially in countries experiencing war. 

The meeting was called by Mexico, the Council’s November president, to look into the relationship between numerous core causes of armed conflict, including as poverty and inequality. 

Exclusion and disparities of any kind, including economic, social, and cultural inequality, have a catastrophic impact on security. Developing inequalities are, in fact, a role in rising instability. 

The UN Secretary-General announced a four-point “roadmap for inclusion,” pushing countries to focus more on people, preventive, gender, and institutions. 

The UN Secretary-General urged countries to invest in human development and a “New Social Contract” that includes universal health care, social protection, and safety nets, as well as universal COVID-19 vaccines. 

He noted that global military spending increased at its fastest rate since 2009 last year, approaching two trillion dollars per year. 

The UN Secretary-General called for greater prevention on several fronts to address various forms of exclusion and inequity, with a special focus on gender and youth, particularly during peacekeeping operations. 

He went on to say that ending inequality and exclusion is equally vital to ensuring sustainable development and that women’s crucial role in peacebuilding must be prioritized. 

The Secretary-General emphasized the UN’s continued support for women’s and girls’ rights around the world. 

The Secretary-General concluded by emphasizing the need of building trust via national institutions based on human rights and the rule of law. 

Simultaneously, he emphasized the importance of policies and laws that safeguard vulnerable populations, as well as security and rule-of-law institutions that are sensitive to the interests of all people. 

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