UN Regards UAE’s Industrial Sector as the Most Competitive in the Arab World

According to a UN survey, the UAE’s industrial sector is the most competitive in the Arab world. 

In the UN global rankings index, it was placed 30th, up five positions since 2020 and nine places in four years, helping to pique the interest of international investors. 

The Competitive Industrial Performance Index, published by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, tracks 152 countries. 

By 2031, the UAE wants the industrial sector to contribute Dh300 billion to the national gross domestic product, up from Dh133 billion now. The strategy, dubbed “Operation 300 billion” was unveiled earlier this year with the goal of assisting 13,500 industrial enterprises over the next ten years. 

According to the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the country’s industrial sector would get financial support from the government to boost operations and improve competitiveness in export markets. 

According to a statement released on Sunday, the UN ranking affirms the competitiveness of the country’s industrial sector and business ecosystem. 

Incorporating advanced technology, promoting science-based education, balancing industrial progress with environmental sustainability, and stimulating innovation, according to the UN report, the UAE has achieved sustainable growth in the industrial sector. The UAE is solidifying its position as a global destination for pioneering emerging industries thanks to its excellent business climate for local and foreign investors in the industrial sector. 

According to the UN study, the UAE improved its industrial performance in four out of eight parameters, helping it to climb the worldwide industrial rankings. 

The UAE has moved up 14 places in terms of manufacturing exports per capita, from 31st to 17th, while moving up to 32nd in terms of total manufacturing exports. 

The UAE was ranked 28th in the world for manufacturing value contributed per capita, up eight places from 115th previous year, and 107th for the percentage of manufactured items in overall export mix. 

The UAE has devoted numerous resources and efforts to make the change towards a knowledge-based economy by supporting innovation and research and development, according to the UN study, which highlights the country’s industrial development model. It also stated that the UAE is balancing infrastructure growth with environmental protection. 

CIP 2021 placed Germany top globally, followed by China, the United States, Japan, and South Korea. According to the research, the UAE was the only Arab country to obtain a “high performance” grade in the index, and it ranked third in the Middle East after Turkey and Israel.  

Photo Credit: https://www.thenationalnews.com/business/economy/2021/08/29/uaes-industrial-sector-is-most-competitive-in-the-arab-world-un-says/