UN hails Libyan ‘historic’ cease fire agreement

The United Nations has hailed the historic ceasefire agreement between the warring parties in Libya. UN Support Mission in the country (UNSMIL) led the mediation, efforts. “I would like to salute you, because what you have accomplished here takes a great deal of courage”, said UNSMIL chief, and Acting Special Representative, Stephanie Williams, at a press conference in Geneva. “You have gathered for the sake of Libya, for the sake of your people, to take concrete steps to end their suffering.”  

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres tweeted: “I welcome the signing of a ceasefire agreement by the Libyan parties in Geneva under the auspices of the @UN. This is a fundamental step toward peace & stability. Too many people have suffered for too long. Too many men, women & children have died as a result of the conflict”. 

The agreement was negotiated within the framework of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission with talks facilitated by the UN on the basis of Security Council resolution 2510 and 2542. 

Photo Credit : https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Libya_in_Africa_(-mini_map_-rivers).svg 

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