UN for the Young: Deputy Chief of the UN tells young Costa Rican activist that UN belongs to the young

Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed emphasized during her visit to Costa Rica this week that the United Nations “belongs” to the younger generation, and that countries must ensure that they are included in decisions on environmental protection and climate change.

Ms. Mohammed spoke with young environmental and climate activists in the Central American country as part of a two-day expedition that ended on Tuesday. During their conversation, the campaigners raised concern about the effects of climate change on the world’s most marginalized people.

They promised the UN’s second-in-command that young people are becoming more vocal and mobilizing to demand that governments adhere to international agreements.

Ms. Mohammed challenged young people to improve how they organize around issues and find methods to fund their causes so that their voices, as well as their deeds, may be heard around the world.

Ms. Mohammed met with President Carlos Alvarado and Vice President Epsy Campbell on Monday to discuss and promote collaborative collaboration on environmental protection, climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as the development financing that developing nations demand.

They also looked at how to improve services for the most vulnerable groups, such as African-Americans, women, indigenous peoples, migrants, asylum seekers, children, and adolescents.

Costa Rica’s role in mobilizing development funds for middle-income countries and delivering debt relief, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, was also recognized during the Deputy Secretary-General’svisit.

The global endeavor to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is being jeopardized by the crisis. Ms. Mohammed emphasized the importance of immediate action and aspiration.

Ms. Mohammed also presented Costa Rica’s proposal for a COVID-19 Economic Relief Fund (CFE) and other steps to expand fiscal headroom for green, inclusive, and resilient recovery in Costa Rica and other middle-income countries.

Innovative financing options, such as “blue” and “green” bonds, were also discussed, as well as matching investments in important sectors like social protection and “green” jobs to strengthen future resilience.

Decarbonization activities were also linked to a just transition ahead of the next UN climate change conference, COP27, which will be held in Cairo next year.

Ms. Mohammed also spoke with government officials and leaders from the Central Bank, as well as experts in public finance and the private sector, during her mission to help the country’s efforts to achieve the SDGs.

Photo Credit : https://www.archdaily.com/923013/architects-support-global-climate-strike