UN Envoy to Somalia briefs the UN Security Council

The “broad political consensus” reached in September that ended a two-year stalemate in Somalia must be “preserved and indeed deepened”, the country’s UN envoy James Swan told the Security Council. 

The UN official painted a picture of a country facing critical decisions, namely “an electoral process to choose the parliament and president in the coming few months; a security transition so that Somalis can assume lead security responsibility by the end of 2021; and urgent priorities for humanitarian response and economic reforms”.  

Dubbing 2021 “a transition year in which Somalia takes lead responsibility on security matters”, Mr. Swan sought a “strategic vision” for the country’s security that would be supported by diverse backers, including “external actors”.  

He also lauded, among others, the Somali security forces and African Union (AU) Mission in the country, for contributing to collective gains in the security realm.  

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_UN_Special_Representative_for_Somalia,James_Swan,_arrives_at_Kismayo_Airport_on_a_visit_to_Jubaland,_southern_Somalia..jpg