UN calls for more action to protect mass graves

The United Nations has said that mass graves which are proof of heinous crimes require more protection. Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur on summary executions, called for greater support  to countries and communities where these sites are located to ensure they are treated with respect, and in accordance with human rights standard. 

“Mass graves are places of evidence crucial to effective pursuit of formal justice”, she told the UN General Assembly in presenting her annual report.    

“They hold the remains of those denied identity in death. They are spaces of intimate sorrow for loved ones. And, they are places of public record – proof that heinous events took place which must never be forgotten.”  

Mass graves can be found in every region of the world, said Ms. Callamard, whose mandate covers all countries. 

Photo Credit : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cambodia_choeung_ek_mass_graves.JPG

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