UN appeals to the government of Ghana to make proper use of the country’s resilience system to avert humanitarian crisis

The world body United Nations has urged the government of Ghana to strengthen the country’s resilience system in order to avert any humanitarian crisis amid the ongoing spread of the novel Coronavirus infection.

In a release issued on August 19, the world body said that the government should remain vigilant and stay ahead of situations that would require humanitarian interventions. The statement lauded the efforts of the frontline workers that ensured needed services reached Ghanaians, and especially the most vulnerable, including the aged, children, migrants, refugees, women, young people and people with disability receive needed services.

On the World Humanitarian Day on August 20, the UN Resident Coordinator Charles Abani said, “Other tragedies triggered by the pandemic such as poverty, loss of a job, gender-based violence, malnutrition, and unwanted pregnancies, are imminent. We must act now to mitigate tragedies that are beyond the health implications of the COVID-19 virus.”

Photo Credit : https://unsdg.un.org/announcements/secretary-general-appoints-charles-abani-nigeria-un-resident-coordinator-ghana

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