UK Universities welcome thousands of Chinese students as travel restrictions ease

Thousands of Chinese students have been welcomed by the UK universities as the latter seeks to ease travel restrictions and foster its income amid the pandemic times.

The universities in the United Kingdom are facing a lot of problems due to the COVID-19 restrictions and despite a rising number of students in isolation, a massive effort to bring in students from China is underway.

Consul Lyu Xiaomei at China’s Manchester Embassy said, “We put the safety of the students first. As a government, we want to address the Chinese parents’ concerns, to mitigate, to minimize, the risks in the best possible way. But we are happy to note, that when university vice-chancellors wrote to us, they kept reiterating that they would take even stricter pandemic controls, they would not just follow UK government guidelines, COVID-19 guidelines – and they have.”

Officials at the Chinese Embassy are working towards the move by securing government permissions and permits and liaising with the airlines.

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