UAE’s Hope Mars mission witnesses a two-day delay, to be launched on July 17

Owing to poor weather, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) said it has postponed the launch of its “Hope” Mars probe for two days.

The Hope or the Emirates Mars Mission was initially scheduled to be launched on July 15 from the launch site of Tanegashima Space Center, Japan. Now, per the latest development, the launch will take place on July 17 local time from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center.

According to officials, despite the delay the mission remains well within the launch window which runs until August 13.

The Mars project, on which some 450 people worked, more than half of them Emirati, has been spearheaded by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC). The Hope mission is designed to spend one Martian year, totalling 687 days, or about two Earth years, studying the thin Martian atmosphere.

The UAE’s $200 million Hope mission is a first of its kind for the Arab world that by far has been attained only by the US, India, the former Soviet Union, and the European Space Agency.

The UAE plans to establish a “science city” on Earth that will reproduce Mars’ atmospheric conditions, with the goal of establishing a human colony on the Red Planet around 2117.

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