U.S. Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan bars movement as two sailors test positive for COVID-19

Beginning Friday night local time, March 27, 2020, the United States’ naval base in Yokosuka in Japan, has largely put restrictions on movement for 48 hours, in the wake of the two sailors who have been tested positive for the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19, a statement said.

Announcing a measure of a modified “shelter in place”, Commanding officer Captain Rich Jarrett ceased all non-essential services, further limiting movement on and off the installation. Non emergency base services, except the commissary, a mini mart, and some food outlets, have been shut down. Transit on and off the base has been barred to movement to and from the appointed place of duty only or other mission-related tasks.

The decision regarding the same will be reviewed after 48 hours, said Jarrett at a media briefing.

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