Two Somali girls brutally raped in Afgoye, Mogadishu

Two Somali kids of age three years and four years respectively, were abducted and brutally raped in a field in the town of Afgoye, some 30 kilometres west of the capital city, Mogadishu and are currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Mogadishu.

Their condition is quite serious confirms the doctors and Dr. Mohammed Yusuf of Medina Hospital said, “They need a major surgery. This is a serious injury. I hope they will get their rights”.

Condemning the brutal act, Minister of Information Mohamed Abdi Mareye said, “We condemn it in the strongest terms possible of this gross act of violation against the two children in Afgoye”.

The rape culture is quite prevalent in Somali and most of the cases goes unreported or to the worst victims of rape in Somali have traditionally been forced to accept compensation.

The compensation is often in the form of camels or livestock. They are also forced to marry their assaulters, a centuries-old practice designed to end war between rival clans.

Most of the rape accusers in Somali goes unpunished.

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