Turkmenistan and the Non- Aligned Movement

Turkmenistan in its practical activities on the international scene strictly follows the basic principles of the Non-Aligned Movement that aimed at strengthening the global peace; promote the disarmament processes and resolution of the international issues through the diplomatic means. Nowadays, the Organization created in 1961, unites 120 countries of the world located in the different continents on the principles of non-alignment in the military blocs. As is known, these principles form the basis of the foreign policy of Turkmenistan that stipulated by its status of permanent neutrality and strict commitment to the ideals of peace, unity and humanism. It is worth mentioning that the main position of Turkmenistan in the decision of any conflict situations in the world is only political means and through negotiations regardless of their scales. On December 12, 1995 the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted the Resolution on the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan.
There is a special historical subtext in relations between Turkmenistan and the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Turkmenistan’ constitution clearly states that the country will follow a stance of political neutrality in its foreign relations. It was the Non Aligned Movement that gave Turkmenistan’s neutrality a start in life, as a factor of international politics. It happened in October 1995, at the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Cartagena, Colombia, where the heads of the delegations representing (together with observer countries) the overwhelming majority of the world, i.e. four of the five continents, unanimously supported Turkmenistan’s intention to become a neutral state. It was at this summit that Turkmenistan joined NAM. Since then, Turkmenistan has regularly sent high-level delegations to all NAM summits, consistently demonstrating its strong commitment to the Movement’s fundamental principles, the key of which is non-participation in military blocs and commitment to fairness and equality in international affairs. In 2012, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov stressed the importance of the 16th heads-of-state summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran, and announced his country’s readiness to attend the meeting at the highest level. The country was an active participant at the Tehran Summit. At the Tehran Summit, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the Summit took place in a difficult period of the world development, when the comprehension of fundamental factors of the current situation and the necessity of developing the agreed measures of cooperation with the aim to enhance the international basis for supporting peace and stability in the global scale are required. In this regard the Turkmen leader underlined that in its practical activity on the international arena Turkmenistan strictly adhered to the key principles of the Non-Aligned Movement aimed at strengthening the global peace, providing assistance to the disarmament processes and solution of international issues through diplomatic methods and negotiations. In this context, the President of Turkmenistan emphasized on the advisability of considering the issue on the necessity of developing a Universal Conception on Security with the follow up submission to the United Nations Organisation. As such, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov called for activation of the purposeful work on practical implementation of the principles and norms of the international humanitarian law. The Turkmen leader stated that Turkmenistan considered the problems on refugees and stateless persons as an urgent vector of partnership noting that the overwhelming majority of refuges in the world resided in the states – members of the Non-Aligned Movement. Searching for the constructive solution of the problem of these citizens, the President stated Turkmenistan initiated wide international cooperation in this sphere.
On October 17, 2013 the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement in New York by its decision officially supported the proposal to hold the high-level Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in Ashgabat in 2015. The paragraph on special significance of the Conference in Ashgabat was included and approved in the final documents of the XVII Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement. From 26 to 29 of May, 2014 the delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan paid a visit to Algeria, where they participated in the XVII Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement.
Turkmenistan regards its membership in the Non-Aligned Movement as very important in the context of historical development and recognition of the international legal status of permanent neutrality. The year of 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s membership in NAM. Turkmenistan will mark the 20th anniversary of its neutrality in the same year by holding a conference of NAM members in Ashgabat in 2015 to discuss strengthening the global dialogue for peace, security and universal development

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