Turkey’s Progress in Educating Syrian Refugee Children Lauded by EU Envoy

On Sept. 21, the top EU ambassador in Turkey stated that the Turkish state and people are making significant progress in the education of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children. 

Ambassador Nikolaus Meyer-Landrut, speaking at a school opening ceremony in the southern Gaziantep province, said that the integration of up to 700,000 Syrian children into the Turkish educational system is a great and unique success story. 

Meyer-Landrut, the head of the EU Delegation to Turkey, adding that the EU can only assist as part of its assistance programmes, and that Turkey must take credit for its own success. 

According to Landrut, the EU has funded approximately 400 schools in Turkey, as well as operational costs, teacher training, and employment. 

Landrut wished all students and instructors success, thanking the Turkish government and especially the National Education Ministry for their collaboration. 

Davut Gül, the governor of Gaziantep, also indicated that they decided to open a school every week from the start of the school year, with a total of 41 schools finished this year. 

He went on to say that work on 54 schools is still going on, with several of them scheduled to be finished by the end of 2021. 

According to Umut Gür, the ministry’s building official, 1.2 million Syrians residing in Turkey under temporary protection are of school age. 

Turkey is home to approximately 4 million Syrian refugees, the most of any country on the planet. 

While there are roughly 127,000 preschool-aged refugees, Gür estimates that there are 442,000 primary school pupils, 348,000 secondary school students, and 278,000 secondary school students under temporary protection. 

Yasin Tepe, Turkey’s provincial education director, Klaus Muller, Southeastern Europe and Turkey director of the German-owned KfW development bank, as well as students and parents, were all present at the ceremony. 

PC: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Refugee_children_from_Syria_at_a_clinic_in_Ramtha,_northern_Jordan_(9613477263).jpg