Turkey deports 12 Finnish nationals over links to terrorism

The Turkish Interior Ministry has confirmed the apprehension of 12 Finnish nationals over their links to terrorism.

Turkish Interior Ministry in an official statement said that the fighters were sent back as part of Ankara’s efforts to “expel foreign terrorists”. The statement added that Ankara is committed to sending back foreign “terrorist” fighters.

Turkey’s move has attracted criticism over the issue of the handling of Daesh members and their families detained in Syria-including foreign members of the banned terror group. Standing tall on its stand, Turkey argues that foreign-born terrorists should be returned to their native lands.

Despite protest and criticism of several European countries over sending back Daesh members to their native places, Turkey is adamant to continue doing the same.

By far, Turkey has so far deported at least 7,500 Daesh members.

Photo Credit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministry_of_the_Interior_(Turkey)#/media/File:Ministry_of_the_Interior_(Turkey)_logo.svg

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