Top officials in Rwanda donates April salaries: COVID-19

So as to help the poor and the needy in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, several of the top-officials and ministers of Rwanda have come forward and decided to donate their one-month salary. Several other countries’ officials have taken similar initiatives.

To help the nation fight against the pandemic, the Cabinet Ministers and others have agreed to donate their April salaries.

The announcement was confirmed by a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office. It stated that other officials who agreed to forgo their salaries are leaders of national institutions and top government officials.

Last week, the Cabinet has also extended the lockdown and so as to solve the hunger issue, the government has since last week been distributing food to citizens who had been relying on receiving pay every day.

Rwanda has joined the queue of donating salaries, as officials from Nigeria, Kenya and Malawi has already walked the same path.

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