Three-pronged approach being adopted to address internal security challenges: Rajnath Singh

During his address to an online seminar, India’s Defence Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh on November 5 said that in order to address internal security challenges India is adopting a three-pronged approach that includes development of areas hit by terrorism and a desire to negotiate with dissatisfied groups to secure political settlements of issues.

“We have undertaken a three-pronged approach towards internal security challenges as well. This includes development of areas affected by terrorism along with the provision of justice to the aggrieved,” said he, adding further, “It also includes the ability and desire to go more than half way to negotiate settlements with dissatisfied groups to enable a political settlement. And finally, we are also willing to challenge status quo, if the status quo becomes a tool for the exploitation of helpless citizens and the provisions of governance.”

Adding further, he said that the government of India was willing to challenge the status quo if it exploits helpless citizens and the provision of governance.

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